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In Conciousness on March 27, 2011 at 1:03 am

I set goals for myself on a regular basis. Whether they be short term or long term goals I take a moment everyday to create a list of things I have to or want to achieve. I usually organize them into a little pages file because 1. I tend to forget them if I don’t 2. They act as reminders to help me stay on task.

Usually, my short term goals lead up to my long term goals. For example, if getting a front and back walkover is my long term goal, my short term goal would be stretching my back and shoulder every night.

Yes, I am capable of setting so many goals. Yet, it seems I don’t possess the ability to achieve them. Despite the pages file that i organize to keep me on task, what usually ends up happening is me getting off guard and slowly walking away from achieving that goal. It frustrates me though I am wholly aware that it is my fault and no one else’s.

The week before spring break, I had this whole schedule planned out, and knowing my tendency to get off task, I didn’t even make it that grand. It was just simply

1. Getting three chapters of the workbook done everyday

2. Finish writing my phoenix plume article

3. Finish application

4. Get website running

5. Controlling what I eat

6. Having a good time with family

And what did I manage to complete out of these six tasks? Shamefully, only one. Rather than getting three chapters done everyday, I think I’ve done a total of three chapters during the whole week, and rather than finishing my phoenix plume article, I finished writing the title of my article. I barely managed to almost get my website running and controlling what i eat? Psssshh. Please, I just finished eating a pint of ice cream.

This happens all the time, and no matter how many times i repeat this, I seem to learn nothing. Every time, I fail to achieve my goals for the day or week or month and I get angry at myself, but yet, I repeat these mistakes over and over again.

Could it be that my goals are too far-reached? No. Could it be that I lack will power? Yes.

Though I am able to think of what I want, I don’t go through the steps to get that, and what’s most important is that I make the effort to get what I want. I can’t just stand there waiting for someone to get it for me. I need to take initiative. I need to persevere if I truly want something.

I hope I finally learn this time.