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Don’t worry.

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My personal statement and essays will be mindblowingly amazing. Everything will work out the way I want.


Snippets of Me

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post for my WordPress blog. Over a year. in fact.

A lot of things have happened over that year. Back when started writing for this blog, I was a sophomore who had just taken the AP Biology exam but now I am a soon-to-be senior with college applications just around the corner.

It’s frightening as it is exciting to know that I’ll be making one of the most important decisions in my life within the next few months. All of this is so overwhelming, and I’m still unsure of what I truly want for myself. Heck, I don’t even know myself that well yet. But in that way, I’m glad that this whole college application process will allow me to find out a little bit more about myself.

I recently started to work on my personal statement and found myself completely stumped. I wrote one about my childhood hobby of collecting pressed coins but ended up scrapping it completely. I’m starting another one about my observation of cicadas but have no idea how that will turn out.

It’s kind of hard. I really enjoy writing, but how do I express myself in just 500 words? Even my notebook that I write in everyday probably can’t describe the person I am. But if I had to try and do so, I think it would look somewhat like this:

I am full of contradictions — I am shy but love interacting with people; I am dreamy but very practical in my approach towards life.
I am probably the most unorganized person you will every meet, but for some reason, everyone just assumes that I’m super organized. Not true.
I am extremely sentimental. I daydream all the time about my childhood and still somewhat believe in fairytale happy endings.
I’m an introvert. This doesn’t mean I’m antisocial or reticent. I socialize well with others and am capable of speaking in front of people. I just need alone-time for myself to recharge after all these things.
Interacting with younger kids brings me so much joy.
I love teaching children. Even though I’m not that knowledgeable, I think there’s so much value in transferring the little things I know to younger peers. And seeing them change and develop as a result of my teaching is so rewarding.
I am liberal and open to almost anything.
I enjoy eating and often go on “food expeditions” with my friends.
I love making things with my hands — sewing, knitting, crocheting, making dolls/teddy bears.
I love God and am so grateful for the things he has done for me.
I like soffe shorts.
I am curious about so many things; I literally spend hours on Wikipedia reading random articles like those about the Little Boy Bomb, Queen Nefertiti, conspiracy theories…
I think college should be a place where I can explore different areas, find new interests, and basically embark on a whole new journey of learning.
I sometimes come off as cold or distant to some people, but it’s not because I don’t like them. I’m kind of shy, so I’m sometimes really quiet.
I have really dark jet-black hair that kind of looks blue in the sun.
I love my dog, Winkie to death.
I love taking walks in the middle of the night.
I value independence and my time alone. It’s not that I don’t like other people — I do. It’s just that I want to know that I am capable of doing the things I care about.
My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
My favorite food is lasagna. Or beef ravioli. Really depends on the day.
I can’t live without coffee. But I only drink it with milk + syrup/sugar.
Now that I think about it I really don’t get why I started making this list.
I realize that even this list can only provide a mere snippet of who I am.

And last, it’s 1:40 AM, but I’m really hungry right now. I should go grab some cereal.


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I daydream a lot. If you see me staring into space with a blank look on my face, I’m probably off into my little world of who-knows-what. Whether it be at home in my room or in Chemistry class when I don’t find balancing equations particularly appealing, I daydream all the time at any place. Some Koreans say that if you daydream often, you will have a lot of stray, thin lines on the palm of your hands and that they represent the numerous thoughts you have everyday. Undoubtedly, I have them. LOTS OF THEM. The palms of my hands are filled with little dashes and crisscrosses that form such complicated webs that they could easily pass for a spider web.

I’ve wondered why I like to daydream so much as I grew up and initially, I thought it was something I inherited from my mom; she also likes to daydream, you see. But these days I realize that there may be another reason to my constant daydreaming.

People daydream about lots of different things, but I daydream about the future. ONLY about the future now that I think about it. About going to the family park this weekend with Winkie, about how amazing it would be to meet Condoleezza Rice, about how I would be living ten years later. I don’t think about the past, because to dwell on things that already happened that I can’t change is not worth my time. But to daydream about the future, that I think is worth my time.


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When you are little, no matter how young you may be, you consider yourself to be all grown up. And then you look back at yourself a year later and realize how immature and silly you were. Ironically, you then consider yourself to be all grown up again, comparing your current self to yourself a year ago.
At least, that was the case for me…

Sophomore year is almost over and now looking back at it, I see how different I am now than I was at the beginning of the year. Of course, in August, I still thought that I was pretty much all grown up. But as the year went on, I made a lot of mistakes and some things didn’t turn out the way I had liked them to turn out. Every time this happened, I would be dismayed and thought “Why did this happen to me?” Of course, as the old saying goes, time heals everything, and it did for me. As time passed, I was able to forget about whatever had happened and move on.

But then as I looked back, those incidents were actually valuable in a way. Once you may mistakes, you know what you have done wrong, so you don’t make them again. And the only way to learn and grow is through experience.

So now, despite how bad I felt after the incidents, I am kind of grateful in a way because now I know that I will never make the same mistakes again. Perhaps this is all a part of growing up.


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I just reading an article in Times about the debunking of Dr. Wakefield’s study about the correlation between vaccines and autism. Apparently, in 1998, in the British medical journal the Lancet, Wakefield suggested that exposure to the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine were somehow linked to autism in children. However, the very magazine in which the study was published in recently renounced the study, stating that some parts of it are incorrect. This paper raised an anti-vaccine movement, and as a result, there was a rise in the number of measles cases in children.

Anyways, I’ll stop talking about boring facts that was on a magazine. What made this article stand out to me was that it reminded me of my past classmates with autism. It doesn’t really relate to the vaccine part, but well it did.

Back when I attended a Korean elementary school, I encountered two autistic classmates. However, my classmates, rather than caring for the autistic classmates, teased them and even swore to them. “Hey, stupid! Come here and do this for me or you’ll pay! Why are you so slow and weird looking?” they’d shout. Sometimes, when the teacher wasn’t looking they’d even pull on

I’m disappointed…

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Today’s Monday…. Again. Regardless of the numerous times I’ve experienced it, I’ve never gotten used to the encroaching sense of dread I get on Sunday nights. But on the other hand, there is always that excitement and wonder about what will be waiting for me on the breakfast table tomorrow:) I fell asleep yesterday night debating over what I should eat for breakfast. Donuts or yogurt and fruit? I fell asleep before I made my decision, and I woke up this morning to the sound of my dog Winkie wimpering for his breakfast.

My Dog WInkie!!!

I woke up and gave Winkie his dog food and opened the fridge. Hmmm… I wonder how Winkie manages to eat that food… I’ve never tasted it, but it doesn’t smell very appetizing to me! Anyways, I decided to have some strawberry yogurt AND the pink heart donut I got yesterday from Dunkin Donuts. It’s my favorite donut at the shop because not only is it heart-shaped, but it also contains two fillings: custard and strawberry jam! I took a bite. Funny, there was no filling. I took another bite. No filling again. Not until I bit into the center of the donut did I taste the strawberry jam and custard. I took another bite, happy that I finally found the jam and custard. But then there was no more jam or custard!!!!!!! There was only a bite worth of filling in the whole donut! I felt like I’ve been scammed. I still feel that way. I’ve noticed recently that Dunkin Donuts in Korea tend to “conserve” their fillings. They put a teaspoon worth of filling inside a donut and call it a “filled” donut. I don’t see their purpose behind it. Even if they were saving some money by conserving their fillings, they would lose even more because of the loss of customers due to their frugal ways. Dunkin Donuts in America and Japan were different. They were generous with their fillings as all donut shops should be. This is my last straw. I’m never going to Dunkin Donuts again. At least not until they agree to put more filling in their donuts. Krispy Kreme has better donuts anyway.

This donut has almost NO jam or cream inside it!

Winkie, Home. Personal photograph by author. 2010.

Sweet Dual Heart. Digital image. Web. <;