In Conciousness on June 7, 2011 at 3:33 pm

I have a dog named Winkie. He’s a white Pomeranian and is almost two years old. I love him to death and when he perks up his ears, sticks out his tongue, and wags his tail when I come back home, I can’t help but give him a kiss and a treat. He’s even cuter when he lies down his back and extends his paws to me, telling me to scratch his stomach. He’s simply adorable, I tell you.

But there’s one problem. When my dog gets violent, boy does he get violent. Like most other Pomeranian dogs, he is very vicious. He is especially protective of his food and all objects around him; he considers them to be exclusively his property, and he does anything to protect what he considers to be his stuff. By anything I mean even biting me.

Yesterday, after I finished eating my peach yogurt, I gave the empty cup to my dog to lick on. Of course, being the food junkie he is, Winkie literally started licking and tearing apart the cup, and there I was next to him, patting him on his head because of how adorable he looked. Then, out of nowhere, my dog suddenly turns bad and bites me real hard on my arm. (It’s swollen right now, and it still kind of hurts…) After he bit me, I felt a pang of betrayal and anger at my dog for doing so. I had given nothing but love and care for Winkie and yet he had bitten me that hard… I have to say I was pretty disappointed.

I decided to be angry at my dog, but it lasted for two hours, and I forgave him when he snuggled up next to me in my bed. Every time this happened, it has always been the same. I manage to forgive him every time. I wonder if this is how parents feel about their children… LOLL


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