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I just reading an article in Times about the debunking of Dr. Wakefield’s study about the correlation between vaccines and autism. Apparently, in 1998, in the British medical journal the Lancet, Wakefield suggested that exposure to the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine were somehow linked to autism in children. However, the very magazine in which the study was published in recently renounced the study, stating that some parts of it are incorrect. This paper raised an anti-vaccine movement, and as a result, there was a rise in the number of measles cases in children.

Anyways, I’ll stop talking about boring facts that was on a magazine. What made this article stand out to me was that it reminded me of my past classmates with autism. It doesn’t really relate to the vaccine part, but well it did.

Back when I attended a Korean elementary school, I encountered two autistic classmates. However, my classmates, rather than caring for the autistic classmates, teased them and even swore to them. “Hey, stupid! Come here and do this for me or you’ll pay! Why are you so slow and weird looking?” they’d shout. Sometimes, when the teacher wasn’t looking they’d even pull on


I’m disappointed…

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Today’s Monday…. Again. Regardless of the numerous times I’ve experienced it, I’ve never gotten used to the encroaching sense of dread I get on Sunday nights. But on the other hand, there is always that excitement and wonder about what will be waiting for me on the breakfast table tomorrow:) I fell asleep yesterday night debating over what I should eat for breakfast. Donuts or yogurt and fruit? I fell asleep before I made my decision, and I woke up this morning to the sound of my dog Winkie wimpering for his breakfast.

My Dog WInkie!!!

I woke up and gave Winkie his dog food and opened the fridge. Hmmm… I wonder how Winkie manages to eat that food… I’ve never tasted it, but it doesn’t smell very appetizing to me! Anyways, I decided to have some strawberry yogurt AND the pink heart donut I got yesterday from Dunkin Donuts. It’s my favorite donut at the shop because not only is it heart-shaped, but it also contains two fillings: custard and strawberry jam! I took a bite. Funny, there was no filling. I took another bite. No filling again. Not until I bit into the center of the donut did I taste the strawberry jam and custard. I took another bite, happy that I finally found the jam and custard. But then there was no more jam or custard!!!!!!! There was only a bite worth of filling in the whole donut! I felt like I’ve been scammed. I still feel that way. I’ve noticed recently that Dunkin Donuts in Korea tend to “conserve” their fillings. They put a teaspoon worth of filling inside a donut and call it a “filled” donut. I don’t see their purpose behind it. Even if they were saving some money by conserving their fillings, they would lose even more because of the loss of customers due to their frugal ways. Dunkin Donuts in America and Japan were different. They were generous with their fillings as all donut shops should be. This is my last straw. I’m never going to Dunkin Donuts again. At least not until they agree to put more filling in their donuts. Krispy Kreme has better donuts anyway.

This donut has almost NO jam or cream inside it!

Winkie, Home. Personal photograph by author. 2010.

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